5 Must-Try Newly Opened Lounges in Mumbai

5 Must-Try Newly Opened Lounges in Mumbai

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Mumbai is a city that has immense potential for growth and expansion because it is a city that has immense access to resources. Each day there is something new in the city. As far as the fun and enjoyment are concerned, even this aspect of the town is continuously advancing.

Adding to the already existing set up of the lounges, there are several others that have recently opened up. You might have a few favourites and think that why should you try new lounges. But you have to believe when we say that some of these newly opened lounges are a must visit.

Here are the 5 newly opened lounges in Mumbai that every party lover must try:

  1. MT-64MT 64 is a newbie lounge of Mumbai, which is already giving others a lot of competition owing to its ecstatic appearance. With live music along with live screening of all sports events, this place is far better than all the other lounges that are located around the Malad west region. All the preparations and delicacies that are served here have a very alluring appearance and garnish. Staffs of the place are also very hospitable and polite. The bar at this place serves a wide range of drinks till 3 am in the morning.
  2. Play– This lounge is located at the Lower Parel region in Mumbai. In addition to the wide variety of drinks, this place is gaining a lot of popularity for its American, Italian and Continental cuisines. Another major highlight of this place is that, it serves authentic Jain food in a lounge which is quite surprising and unique. With a breathtaking ambience, this place is perfect for not only lovers of non vegetarian food, but even the lovers of vegetarian food will love it.
  3. The Bar Terminal– With a fascinating, jazzy and interesting ambience, this place is always the choice for a lot of youngsters. Though the food served here is vegetarian, this place still creates a lot of buzz amongst the youth because of the quality drinks that are being offered by this place. The dance floor as well as the music is another thing that attracts a lot of customers.
  4. Ego Lounge– This place serves food that is finger licking good and is popular because it is quite budget friendly. It is situated in the region of Borivali West, and is a personal favourite of all the hookah lovers. The entire ambience is quite aesthetic as well as modern at the same time. It can also be called as the nucleus of the nightlife in Mumbai, which is a perfect spot for relaxation after a hectic day of mundane tasks.
  5. The Treesome Cafe– This place is another exquisite place to hang out and chill with your favourite buddies after a long day at work. The bar, the dining area and the overall ambience of the place is quite soothing and serene. Most of the food along with the drinks that are being served here are reasonable and budget friendly.

So if you have got bored from visiting the same lounges over and over again, it is time to check these new lounges out and have a different experience of fun and enjoyment.

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