How to Hire an SEO Specialist in Singapore

How to Hire an SEO Specialist in Singapore

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There is no doubt today that an online business in Singapore must hire an SEO agency to help with website optimization. But with so many names out there making so many promises, how do you ensure that you have hired the right SEO specialist for your website. What sort of due diligence should you use when hiring an SEO service provider in Singapore?

Here is a guiding compass to use to make the right decision when you are hiring an SEO company.

Certifications: Unfortunately the industry does not have an SEO specific license in place. However, popular search engines run their own certification courses for analytics, PPC, etc. These search engines, specifically Google, conduct their own trainings and examinations for several aspects of SEO. A genuine SEO services provider will be having these certifications.

Realistic Promises: Many service providers will give you guarantees of delivering results. However, SEO is an ongoing and long process and nobody can actually guarantee results. Since there are so many aspects that impact a website’s SEO, it is always a process of exploring different permutations and combinations that can give you best possible results. However, nobody can guarantee 100% results since the search engine algorithms are beyond their control. If somebody is making guarantees then they are probably duping you.

Business Experience: SEO is a long process and requires a rather mature application of several SEO practices. There are a few things that only experience can teach in SEO. So try to see how long the agency has been doing business and how many clients they have worked with so far. An agency with large number of clients will have experience of working in different scenarios.

Proof of Work: Ask the service provider to share some client case studies with you. Try to see what kind of results they have delivered in the past. Also pay close attention to what was their client’s website’s ranking before and after they started doing SEO.

White Label Practices: In order to deliver results, many SEO agencies have crossed the line of ethics and have started using manipulative techniques. However, if identified by Google, these websites get blacklisted forever. So ask your agency what type of strategies they will use. If anything seems unethical then stop them immediately. You don’t want to risk your website getting blacklisted because of the strategies they used.

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