A Buying Guide for Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers

A Buying Guide for Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers

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With the gradual increase in population, there was a need for increasing the production of crops, vegetables and fruits and people migrated to newer cultivation methods to enhance it. Instead of growing things organically, they switched to the use of fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides, which no doubt ensured bumper crop, but along with it, came the side effects too. The chemicals meant to keep the pests away got leeched into the products.

As simply washing it was not effective against many chemicals, these chemicals found their way into our bodies through the various fruits and vegetables that we consume. Little did anyone imagine that use of these chemicals that were meant to enhance production would be the cause of diseases like cancer in humans. According to a WHO estimate, around 3 million people are affected every year due to pesticide poisoning out of which around 220,000 die.

Thus, it is of paramount importance that we should clean the fruits and vegetables before consuming using some advanced technology that can get rid of all the chemicals present. If you go through any vegetable purifier review, you will find that people talk favourably about the ones that use ozone technology. Making use of oxygen present in the atmosphere these purifiers turn it to ozone and remove the traces of all the pesticides and contaminants present on the surface of these fruits and veggies.

There are many purifiers available in the market. To ensure that you buy the right one, here are some factors to consider.

  1. Go for a Trusted Name: As there are too many purifiers available in the market today each claiming to be the best, you should go for the one that is trusted and reliable. It should provide a warranty and should have good after-sales services.
  1. Design: The appliance you buy should be handy to use. If you buy a bulky model, then you might end up closing it in the cupboard. You should go for the one that uses a proven technology, is light and compact and occupies minimum possible space.
  1. Accessories and Spare Parts: The appliances that use ozone technology don’t generally need any spare part, but again it’s a machine after all and you never know when something is required. Thus, ensure that the one you are buying can be serviced and the spares are easily available if required.
  1. Noise Level: You buy a purifier to get rid of the contaminants, but you will definitely not like to add to the noise pollution in the process. Some purifiers are noisy. Hence, choose one that operates efficiently and silently.
  1. Easy to Operate: Getting rid of pesticides and chemicals does not mean that you spend hours together either cleaning them or supervising the cleaning process. Look for a purifier that does not require any manual intervention in the cleaning process and should be easy to operate. Most of the latest ones come with timers where you can just set it and leave it to complete the job.
  2. Reviews: The Internet provides the best medium to read the reviews of people who have been using a particular product. It helps in understanding the product, warranty, after-sales service etc. thoroughly. See if what people have experienced is in line with the company’s claim or not and then decide if you want to invest in a particular product.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you will be able to select the right purifier.

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