Do You Know Why a Sociology Degree Can Surprise Your Career?

Do You Know Why a Sociology Degree Can Surprise Your Career?

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When considering a college education, few people would think of sociology as a program that offers flexibility and career choice. What they don’t know might surprise them! Obtaining an online sociology degree can have more benefits and open more doors than many students imagine. Let’s look at some of the advantages and learn how to secure a degree in a remarkably versatile field.

Surprises in Sociology

The kinds of careers you might encounter opportunities for as a sociology major might shock you. Of course there is education within the field itself, as well as further study in the science of understanding culture and human interaction, but there are also many other practical applications for a degree in this field. Some of these include:

·         Politics. Both Jesse Jackson and Martin Luthor King Jr. held sociology degrees!

·         FBI or Homeland Security agent. With an understanding of their own and other cultures, sociology majors can help keep their nation safe.

·         Product or brand manager. With a degree in sociology, a graduate could go on to influence major brands and help create the next sensational product.

·         Public relations or human resources management. With an understanding of people and how they interact, sociology degree holders can go on to hold careers that help improve the lives of others in drastic ways.

Finding a school that offers quality education to nontraditional students – such as those who are studying on advanced tracks, on nights and weekends or those who can only take online courses – is especially important in offering the most flexibility.

The Online Advantage

In today’s educational environment, more and more college students are choosing online education as a supplement to their traditional courses or as their primary method of taking classes. There are many reasons why modern students are taking this nontraditional approach. Some of these motivations include:

·         Convenience. With myriad courses of study available online and the freedom to study where, when and how you want to, there is no more convenient way to attend college than to do so from the comfort of your computer screen.

·         Flexibility. Want to take classes to fit your busy schedule? Want to take a course at a time, only on weekends? Want to take the fast track to graduation and certification in your field with accelerated learning? All of that and more is possible online.

·         Time constraints. Some adults taking classes also have families. Some care for children or elders, or a disabled spouse. Some have jobs, or other obligations that prevent them taking daytime courses. These are all reasons why the “anytime” schedule of online learning works best.

·         More control over social engagement and interaction. Class participation is important for learning, but the typical lecture and response style of many professors may not work well for all students. For these learners, a more direct interaction may be better. This is easy to come by with forums and peer discussion boards available in online learning portals.

·         Cost. While the actual price of a course may be comparable or identical when comparing traditional classroom and online study, there is a significant savings to be found for some students when selecting computer-based learning. Without the cost of the regular commute, as well as any accommodations that might need to be made with missed work or other costly issues, the student can take their classes without any additional, unnecessary financial burden.

Whatever a student’s reason for choosing the online approach, there are as many benefits to an online sociology degree as there are types of people who benefit from them.

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