Smart Strategies to Get Rid of the Dust in Your House

Smart Strategies to Get Rid of the Dust in Your House

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Dust is small but mighty. Take a week or two off cleaning duties and you’ll find everything in your home under a layer of dust. Inhaling dust also leads to several allergies. Plus, they send out the wrong impression. Say you were busy for a week and hadn’t had time to clean up. When your in-laws drop by for a surprise visit, the dust bunnies on your carpet aren’t going to give them the kind of sterling impression you want.

Here are some smart strategies to help you eliminate dust from your home:

Use rugs and carpets

These absorb most of the dirt and dust you bring into your home whenever you step inside without taking off your shoes. You might also want to keep a pair of home slippers handy by the door so you can change into those. That way, you won’t have to track dirt and debris inside your home and all over your floors.

Clean your carpets

Carpets and rugs hold a ton of dust. You’ll want to shake them out weekly to get the dust out, says the Family Handyman. This is going to be much easier to do with rugs, though. If you’ve got a large carpet, it can be difficult especially if you’ve got furniture sitting on those microfibers. What you can do, then, is to…

Buy the right cleaning tools

Look for a carpet sweeper. This should make it easy for you to keep your big carpets free of dirt and dust. Make sure you don’t go for cheap and shoddily-made items since these never last. That’s going to leave you in the lurch and force you to have to buy another one. If you want to make the most out of every dollar that goes into every sweeper, broom or cleaning tool you buy, go for quality options from reputable suppliers like Fuller. Do this and you’re sure to end up with better results.

Remove clutter

Have toys or piles of clothing on the floor? What about those dusty towers of books? Keep your floors clean. That helps make for a dust-free home.

Change your beddings

Dust mites, sweat and dust can make your beddings a breeding ground for allergens. If you keep sneezing in the mornings or if you’ve been using your beddings for more than a month or two now, it’s a good idea to swap those out with new ones and toss your old ones in the laundry.

Use air purifiers

One way to keep indoor pollution to a minimum and to improve the quality of air in your home is to install air purifiers. Clean, dust-free air into your lungs helps keep you healthy.

Use dry mops

Damp cloths aren’t always the right solution, says HGTV. Start with dry mops to get dust out of wood surfaces and floors. That way, you can effectively clean the dust out without it resulting in moisture problems for your furniture or floors.

Have your AC filters cleaned

Clogged air filters aren’t going to be efficient in keeping dust from your rooms or eliminating them. Help those filters last longer with regular service and maintenance checks.

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